SATA driver for Asus P4P800

SATA driver for Asus P4P800

Post by Thomas Frayn » Tue, 06 Jan 2004 16:12:10

I built a new system with Asus P4C800-E Deluxe mobo, 2 Maxtor 80G
Diamondmax SATA hard drives connected to the ICH5R port in a RAID 0

When I booted the Fedora Core 1 install CD, it could not find the SATA
driver, and asked me to install it manually.  I have been unable to
discover what driver is needed.

What is the name of the driver?  Where can I download it?


SATA driver for Asus P4P800

Post by Gomo » Wed, 07 Jan 2004 04:25:38

> What is the name of the driver?  Where can I download it?

The SATA drivers for ICH5 are already in the newer 2.4 kernels. Anyway, i
recommend you use the libata drivers which are available as a patch that
you can download here:
Build a custom kernel and then some custom install media from that. I've
done it for Debian but i don't know how to do it for Fedora. Google is
your friend for that.


1. Asus P4P800, SATA and FC3!

I just wanted to report that I had no difficulties installing
Fedora Core 3 on my Asus P4P800 based system.  Both the sound
and network were recognized by the installation process (no
video on this motherboard).

I installed it onto twin SATA drives (non-RAID).  The SATA drives
are installed as SCSI.  DMA is always on for these drives.

One minor hiccup: smartd fails to run at system startup.  The error
in /var/log/messages is pretty detailed: smartmontools doesn't yet
support SATA drives.  So I disabled smartd to get a seamless bootup.

One other detail: I like to mount a read-only NTFS partition.  As
usual with Fedora, the ntfs module hasn't been pre-built.  No big
deal, I've been used to building it myself.  However, there is no
kernel-sources package anymore.  So in addition to the installation
ISO images, I also had to download the kernel source RPM.  This,
and other issues are covered in the release notes.


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