XFree crash, RedHat 9, dual monitor

XFree crash, RedHat 9, dual monitor

Post by Henrik Carlqvis » Fri, 12 Sep 2003 02:59:02

> I used to have two CRT monitors, a KDS and a Optiquest, connected to my
> dual PIII system. For some reason, when I installed two LCD monitors (to
> replace the CRTs), XFree seems to just die and go away.

> Anyone have any suggestions?

Do you mean that it crashes randomly after some time or that XFree86 doesn't
even run long enough for you to start any X applications?

I suppose that you did some changes to XF86Config as LCD monitors usually
have lower refresh rates? If you haven't been able to start X since then
you might find a clue in the logs from XFree86. Maybe XFree86 isn't able
to find any valid screen setting for your resolutions.

If you have random crashes it sounds like a hardware error as the system
has worked before. Do you still have these crashes if you use your old
CRT monitors? If so, check that your graphics cards hasn't moved out from
your AGP and PCI slots.

regards Henrik
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