Routing trouble with RH 5,maybe NE2000 trouble ??

Routing trouble with RH 5,maybe NE2000 trouble ??

Post by Chris Wilso » Thu, 19 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm having trouble with a new installation of Redhat 5.Under
4.2,identical set up settings resulted in an instant working
system,but not under 5...Machine is AMD K5 with 64 megs,and a Virge
S3 video card,and SB16 PNP sound card.M/Board is an Asus TX-97 E

Setup is cable modem on a single fixed IP address.This is hung off a
generic NE2000 network card,that Redhat sees OK at boot up.

My machines fixed IP address is
The default gateway (cable modem) is on
Subnet Mask
DNS Server

I can't ping the default gateway (cable modem) on a numeric address
of  it just sits there 100% packet loss.

A command of netstat -rn gives the following:

Kernel IP routing table
Destination   Gateway    Genmask     Flags   MSS  Window irtt  Iface   U     1500  0       0    eth0       U     3584  0       0    lo         UG    1500  0       0    eth0

When doing a "route" command,the last line does not up until it has
been left alone for at least 2 minutes.That doesn't seem right.The
cursor sits after the immediate showing of the first 2 lines ,and
then 2 minutes later the last line pops up...

Doing a route -n I get all 3 lines appearing immediately.

I don't know what to try next,as under X windows,the Network
Configurator shows all settings to be appear correct.Can someone give
me any idea what's up ?

Thanks a lot!

             Best Regards,
                       Chris Wilson


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