Dumb newbie modem question

Dumb newbie modem question

Post by Hrishikesh S. Murukkathampoond » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I have a US Robotics 28,8k modem, a hand me down, and am trying to install
it in my machine (I am running Debian 2.0). I do not know what the model
number of the modem is (it sdays US Robotics 19-366 SV,461E could that be
the model number?) could someone tell me how I can configure this for
Linux. I am running Win 95 in another partition so I would appreciate any
help on where I can find Win 95 drivers for this modem.

1. dumb da dumb dumb newbie prob.

rh7 running apache2 on cable modem service w/o domain name yet. Finally got
users /home/*/public_html/ working.

However, if is sent, the user's public_html
index page is served. but if I drop off the tailing / as in /~user only, no

I am certain this is a simple one and all I need to do is edit httpd.conf
to accept BOTH.

So, which line & where?

all insults accepted if you include the fix.


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