VIA VT8363 & 686A

VIA VT8363 & 686A

Post by Dave Canne » Wed, 27 Mar 2002 05:04:18

softwareandstuff ( has the following;
FIC AZ-11 ATX MB w/ AMD Duron 1Ghz. CPU & Fan with the VIA VT8363 and 686A
chipset.  MB and 1GHz Duron for $90, barebones for $115.  Is this
worthwhile for a decent Linux system realizing that I'd have to populate
it with memory and drives?  Is it a reasonable systems for Linux even NOT
taking that into account?

Thanks, Dave Cannell (who has no interest in softwareandstuff 8-)


1. Help: VIA 686A sound chip!!

I recently bought a PC with a ATX VA5 motherboard. It has an on-board VIA
VT82C686A southbridge. When I first installed linux on this machine, I used the
default via82cxx.o that comes with my slakware distribution. I could load the
module with no error but I got no sound. I checked on device dsp, audio, mixer.
Everything seems OK, just no sound. Then I recompiled kernel and installed ALSA
driver written by you. The module could be loaded, too. But I can't find device
/dev/dsp or audio or mixer. The situation looks even worse. Could you guys tell me what went wrong? Your early response is much appreciated.


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