Travelmate 5100 PCI probing (and probing...)

Travelmate 5100 PCI probing (and probing...)

Post by Raymond Blu » Thu, 29 Jun 2000 04:00:00

 I just got a TI Travelmate 5100 that I picked up to install RedHat 6.2
on. When I run the install, the kernel boots and I then the machine
starts reporting that PCI Probing has found Peer bus 01, 02...

I tried to wait it out but it got up to 'az' and I realized that there
was probably no upper limit.

Does anyone know how I can bypass this?



1. Random probes/lack of probes under 2.2 with PCI


I'm working with someone who has built a PCI board, and I have written a
device driver for FreeBSD 2.2R.  I'm concerned that FreeBSD doesn't probe
for devices on the PCI bus all of the time.  Sometimes it does, and it sees
the new card.  But other times the PCI bus is ignored and the probes start
with the ISA bus.

This is very annoying.  Rebooting 8 or 9 times is a work around, or perhaps
fiddling with the "-c" switch and saving the "changes".  I don't know what
is going on.  It kind of reminds me of a study I heard about where researchers
had a bunch of pigeons in covered cages and randomly tossed in food pellets.
After a month of so of this, the cages were uncovered and the pigeons were
seen to perform random bizarre acts which they associated with being fed.
I am the pigeon here, and FreeBSD's probing the card is a food pellet.

Can anyone help me with this, or should I start sacraficing my co-workers to
the volcano god?

Jon Doran

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