use pcmcia card without cardmgr etc.?

use pcmcia card without cardmgr etc.?

Post by Waschk, Kolj » Tue, 18 Jul 2000 04:00:00


did someone already managed to enable a PCMCIA network card in linux
without making use of the whole PCMCIA tools and modules, cardmgr etc.?
I believe for e.g. "NE2000 compatible" cards it should be possible just
to setup the IO port mapping etc. using some small, specialized code.
Then, standard (ISA) NIC drivers could work. Assuming no hot-plugging of
the card is required, i.e. it is in the socket when the OS boots and
stays there until shutdown.

Am I missing something? A small initialization tool like this would make
it easier to fit support for PCMCIA network cards into tiny setups like
LRP. Does it already exist? Or maybe no setup is required at all for
such cards?

I'd appreciate any hints and pointers regarding the use of PCMCIA
network cards with no or only very few PCMCIA support code. My actual
target however is a WaveLan card (wireless); the drivers probably use
hooks on functions in the standard PCMCIA code. Do they? What are the
minimum requirements?

I'll go and try myself but want to check first whether someone else
already did, and couldn't find relevant postings or information on the
web yet.




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Does anyone have any suggestions?

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