Info on cygmon boot monitor.

Info on cygmon boot monitor.

Post by Ahme » Sun, 09 Sep 2001 08:29:21


Does anyone have any information on Cygmon boot monitor.  I have a
board that a cygmon boot monitor, which loads the Linux kernel, and
ramdisk.  It loads the kernel file, and then loads the ramdisk.
However, very soon after that, it hangs, printing some chars on

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in adv,


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I am trying to boot an IXP1200eb with linux. During the configuration
of boot options in cygmon , i try to set items 2 and 3

  1 BOOTP/Manual (manual)
  2 Local IP (
  3 Remote IP (
  4 Linux kernel file name (zImage)
  5 Linux ramdisk file name (ramdisk_img.gz)
  6 Linux kernel load offset (C0808000)
  7 Linux boot command line string ()
  8 Countdown to auto-boot Linux (1)
 Enter option number (1 to 8), "q" to quit, "s" to save:

However, it does not accept and as valid IP
When I try to set the IP it gives the following error..

Local IP (in dotted decimal notation):
Illegal lip, try again!

Is ther anyway that i can set these IPs? I tried s lip and s rip
commands also. Those commands give no error messages, but again tftp
does not work with the IP addresses..


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