external CD-ROM drive through parallel port (MicroSolutions)

external CD-ROM drive through parallel port (MicroSolutions)

Post by Julien P. Mailla » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone know of a Linux driver for the BackPack CD0ROM by
MicroSolutions? It is external and plug through the parallel port. The
CD-ROM inside is manufactured by Mitsumi...
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Julien Maillard


1. Getting External CD-ROM on Parallel Port to work

Hello there.  I have a generic brand External CD-ROM
attached to the Parallel Port of my computer.  My computer
is a 486/50MHZ/DX running Slackware with kernel 1.2.x and
have problems getting it to work.
I basically have a few questions:  
I would like to know what file(s) or directories such
as /proc that I could refer to would give me info on the hardware Linux
is recognizing from my hardware.    When I try to mount something
like--->> 'mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom' Linux just says that
/dev/cdrom is not a block device.  What does this mean and
what can I do to get Linux to find my CD-ROM that is attached
to the parallel printer port?  
                      Thanks for any responses.

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