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1. ATI video card/TV out (Rage Pro) -> big-screen TV and X

Hi all -
        I'm sure this sounds ridiculous, but there's another guy in our
local Linux users' group trying to do it, too, so what the hell:

        My second machine (originally set up as a Windoze game system) is
set up downstairs in the family room, hooked up via an audio-video receiver
to a big-screen TV set, which it's using as a "monitor" via the TV-out
connector on the ATI Xpert-at-Play video board.  This setup works fine with
Windoze-98, as the supplied drivers are set up to handle this.  I installed
Linux on this machine recently (RH 5.2/Mandrake); the command-line
interface works fine, but of course X blows it out of the water.  I'm
trying to figure out how to set up XF86Config to work with this thing.
Anyone else out there managed to pull this off?  If so, I'd really
appreciate a copy of a working XF86Config file (or at least a couple of
working modelines - 800x600 and 640x480 would be fine)....Thanks!

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