can't detect harddisk in linux

can't detect harddisk in linux

Post by Ieong Sze Chung Ric » Sat, 30 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hello Everybody,

        There is some strange things in setting up the linux in my
machine. First of all, my machine is 486 with VESA local bus. My harddisk
controller is AEC IDE disk cache accelerator (ARTOP chip set probably
from Taiwan). The hard disk is Seagate ST5850A and EIDE harddisk using
the LBA mode. Besides, I have an Adaptec 1542CF SCSI controller and 1
Micropolis 540 hard disk, 1 Syquest Removable harddisk 105MBs and a NEC
210 CD-ROM is mounted on the controller.

        When I tried to install linux from CD-ROM (Yggdrasil plug and play
linux), the boot system can detect the Seagate hard disk exactly but with
the disk geometry as preset in LBA mode. However, it can't carry out the
fdisk process later as somewhere after the detection of harddisk, some
harddisk errors have been reported. Is it due to the LBA mode? Or due to
the harddisk controller? Or else?

        Whereas for the detection of the SCSI device, similar problem
occurs. The SCSI host detected is null, is it because I turn off the BIOS
for the Adaptec card? If that's the case, then how show I enable the SCSI
devices to be detectable? If I want to force the boot up process to
detect the SCSI device, can I add some parameters as aha154x=.......? And
can I keep the BIOS of the card to be disabled? And how?

        Also I have another machine, setup using the Plug and play linux,
but I can't mount my sony 31a cd-rom to the system as:

        mount /dev/sony_cd31a /system_cd

        Is that some parameters being missed out? Can any one tell me the
procedure for mounting the cd rom?

        I've also tried to boot up through the slackware boot disk, but
still everything remains undetectable. So if any one have encountered
such problem and have successfully circumvented that, please tell me the

        Thanks in advance.

                                                Ricci Ieong Sze-Chung
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