FAST Movie Machine 2 under Linux.

FAST Movie Machine 2 under Linux.

Post by Michal Marusk » Mon, 20 Oct 1997 04:00:00

has anybody  experience with the FAST Movie Machine 2?
I found only the ScreenMachine-2.0  package  dated  Feb. 1996 with a
warning that it doesn't work with MM 2  [only SM2]... and  that the
'real version' would follow ...

I need to archive electronically  hundreds of video interviews ... do
you know of another capture-card ?



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I have a FAST movie machine and I've heard that there are linux
drivers around for it somewhere... anyone have any pointers on
where to find these... I've heard it's a commercial effort, but
that's ok with me, I just need to find them.



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