Kernel compile time

Kernel compile time

Post by James M. Bl » Sat, 10 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have a 486DX2/50 w 20 Megs of ram.  I just compiled the Linux 1.2.1 kernel
and it took over 35 min.  I have heard that this is far too long for such a
machine.  Is this correct?  What can I do to improve the performance aside
from upgrading the processor?



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1. Kernel compile time 386 vs 486

When I compile a kernel on my 486/100 at work it takes about 12 minutes.
At home on my 386 DX/40 (which I expected to take much longer) to
only took 30 minutes.  Any ideas on if this is normal?

The 486 has 16 MB RAM, and 256 kB cache (both twice as much as the 386)
It also has MUCH faster ide disk drives.  The 486 shows 49.71 BogoMips
and the 386 shows 8.09 BogoMips (both are probably accurate for Turbo

I haven't seen other comparable machines running linux, so I don't know
if I'm missing out one some performance with a 486 that is only 2.5
times as fast as a 386 running at less than half the clock speed.  Is
there something wrong?

Thanks for any ideas you may have.


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