kernel 2.2.6: ATAPI Zip Drive still a problem

kernel 2.2.6: ATAPI Zip Drive still a problem

Post by Simone Piccard » Sun, 25 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I had the same problem. I had to go to the vendor to get this fixed.
They put the zip on hdc (it was in hdd) and now works fine. Probably
they change also some other things in the bios, but I don't know.
Simone Piccardi
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kernel 2.2.6: ATAPI Zip Drive still a problem

Post by Coli » Sun, 25 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> I have compiled the new ATAPI (floppy) support into my new 2.2.6 kernel.
> Unfortunately, after showing the device, etc., there are two error messages in
> /var/log/messages (and thus obviously also when I use fdisk):

>         hdb: 98288kB, 196576 blocks, 512 sector size
>         hdb: 98304kB, 96/64/32 CHS, 4096 kBps, 512 sector size, 2941 rpm

> The drive reports both 100663296 and 100646912 bytes as its capacity.  (I
> tried the IOMEGA instruction to disable BIOS support, but the problem
> remains.)

> Guessing from these error messages, IOMEGA may have been sloppy in its
> firmware, reporting inconsistent numbers depending on how it is queried.  Is
> this guess correct?

> Even if it is IOMEGA's fault, can the kernel driver be made smart enough to
> handle this problem, e.g., by suppressing the incorrect size?

I don't see any problem here.

The storage industry uses 1000 bytes to represent a kilobyte, which is
incorrect.  A kilobyte is 1024 bytes.  So, using the number of bytes that
you reported above:

100663296 / 1024 = 98304kB
100646912 / 1024 = 98288kB

It looks perfectly fine to me.
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1. ATAPI Zip in Linux (Was Re: ZIP drive parameters)

That's odd, I KNOW that a Zip Disk only has 1 platter,
which means it can only have 2 heads (upper & lower).
The math work out, however, so I can't complain. Maybe
this is some kind of LBA (logical block addressing)

Next question: Now that I have the Zip Drive connected,
how do I get Linux to mount a disk? I have added the
Zip to my fstab with this line:

/dev/hdc  /zip  msdos  noauto   0    0

When I try to "mount /zip" I get a little activity on
the Zip drive, and the following messages:

mount: block device /dev/hdc is write-protected, mounting read-only
hdc: media changed
hdc: packet command error: status=0x51
hdc: packet command error: error=0x50
hdc: code: 0x70  key: 0x05  asc: 0x20  ascq: 0x00
hdc: cdrom_read_intr: data underrun (1 blocks)
end_request: I/O error, dev 16:00, sector 1
FAT bread failed
mount: wrong fs type, bad options, bad superblock on /dev/hdc
       or too many mounted file systems

I only have three file systems mounted (/, /home, /proc),
so I know that I don't have too many mounted file systems.
I'm betting on the bad superblock, and I think that it is
caused by some ATAPI wierdness of the Zip drive. Maybe I
need to specify some kind of block size or something? Has
anyone else used an ATAPI Zip drive with Linux and gotten
it to work?

- Jeff Dutky

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