ET4000 & WB2C490 Ramdac problem. Workaround?

ET4000 & WB2C490 Ramdac problem. Workaround?

Post by Nico Coese » Tue, 21 May 1996 04:00:00

My ET4000W32p board seems to loose the pallete with any Xfree86 screen
server running at more than 16 colors. Highest screen mode I can get is
800x600x 16 colors. Is there a C source available or so? Can't be that
difficult. I've already emailed but they said it should work. I
thought it was just my system, but somebody else has the same problem, a
black screen. X runs fine (I can switch resolutions and so) but I can't
see what I'm doing....

Please help!
Nico Coesel


1. Problem with PCI ET4000/W32p rev C with ch8398 ramdac


    I have OEM Tseng Labs ET4000/W32p(2 mb) board with ch8398 ramdac
(that information placed on chip on board :-) )
Xfree86 works fine (with one exception ) for me, but don't support modes
higher than 8 bpp.  And in XF86Config (for Xfree86) i put line "ramdac
"ics5341" " (but my ramdac is ch8398 )
But I need 16bpp, and get  - Xaccel 2.1
This server detect my ch8398 ramdac and next moment I see
unsync screen :-(.  (Monitor modes in your config's OK-100 %)
I'm get patch from for 2.1 server (for tseng board) and it
don't correct them .
I'm trying to put ramdac "ics5341" (to Xaccel.ini ) and see black screen
(and system hung up) Then I put ramdac "ch8398" and this don't correct

  With win95 and winNT this board works fine .

  My system is P5-166,Asustek mainboard,PCI ET4000W32p rev C video card,
running linux-2.0.29 .

 I need help :)
 Best regards, Konstantin V. Kunshchikov

Konstantin V. Kunshchikov ,
system administrator of MIPT network,


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