Problems with RHat 6.0 and HP

Problems with RHat 6.0 and HP

Post by Einar Fredrikse » Tue, 07 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Has anyone installed RedHat 6.0, or other Linux, on a HP vectra XU 6/200
or similar pc (200 MHz Pentium PRO, 32 MB ECC RAM, On-borad Adaptec 7880
SCSI adapter)?

I've tried several times, it hangs when starting syslog at boot, or at
starting X if I don't load syslog.

Any help is appreciated.



1. Help in getting HP Deskjet 500c to work under RHAT 6.0

I just bought a refurbished  HP Deskjet 500c printer and am having trouble
getting it to work correctly.  
I dualboot windoze95/Linux and so just to make sure the printer does work,
I was able to install it in Windoze and print a test page that did print
out correctly.  Anyway, under linux, I had previously gone through RedHat's
installation procedure, and selected the correct printer drivers and
printer setup.  
I ran 'printtool' and it everything seems correct there.  The filters for
my printer are being used.  
When I do a command  "lpr file.text"  the simple text does print out, but
at an angle, and it does chop off the first line.  More disturbingly when
I tried to print out a ps file I get total garbage.  The printer puts out
strange characters, and sits at the edge of the sheet making an extemely
dark ink puddle.
Under printtool, I can get the text test page to print out, but that is
also slightly angled.  The postscript test page just prints out garbage!

Anyone have any idea what this could be?  
Please help!!

Christian Cabal

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