Ide (internal) compact flash type II reader/drive vs firewire cf reader

Ide (internal) compact flash type II reader/drive vs firewire cf reader

Post by goe.. » Sun, 31 Mar 2002 07:56:10

: Is there such a thing as a drive which accepts the cf cards
: directly?  I found one on ebay, but the seller didn't give a
: brand name.

The svec one is interesting as it claims to support hot swap without
requiring you to reboot your PC. How truthful that claim may be is
anyone's guess...

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1. internal IDE compact flash II readers?

: Since these are IDE devices, I am assuming that they will all
: work with Linux.  Is that a reasonable assumption?

They should work, but don't expect to be able to Hot-swap.
Changing the CF means reboot...



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