CD-writer and CD-rom: some simple questions

CD-writer and CD-rom: some simple questions

Post by Luis Maria Ibanez de Garay » Wed, 21 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Having these two cd tapes and the obvious hard disk, how do I interface
these ide devices in the two ide-ports of my computer? I mean there is
some alternative clearly better  such as hard disk (hda), cd-rom(hdb),
and cd-writer (hdc), or the other way around, there is some
configuration that could create problems such as hard disk (hda),
cd-rom(hdc), and cd-writer (hdd)

I have read two web pages on the net with different approaches for the
configuration of both cd-drives: one ( )  lets the
cd-rom working as an ide drive and the cd-writer as a scsi drive; in the
other page ( ) both are configured as
scsi one configuration better than the other one?

In a third web page (
)  I read something that I didn't read in the aforementioned ones about
modifying the ide.h file in the /usr/src/linux/drivers/block directory
as follows: change this line    #define WAIT_CMD        (10*HZ) /*
10sec  - maximum wait for an IRQ to happen */,  to the following
line      #define WAIT_CMD        (1000*HZ)       /* 1000sec  - maximum
wait for an IRQ to happen */ in order to get the software cd-record
working properly....should I do this change?

About the kernel o module support for IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM, I have read both
ways: keep it and disable it. Moreover, I have found no logic for this
kernel configuration option base on the reading of the three mentioned, what do I do? when should I have IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM support,
and when should I disable it? WHERE IS THE LOGIC?

PS I have a mandrake 7.1 distribution with the 2.2.14 kernel.


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the cd-writer turned off, then turning it
on after the boot completes but get the
same results. I'm using PPC Linux 4.1 which
is based upon Red Hat 5.0, with a Philips
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