Looking for Adaptec AIC-7890 (aka AHA-2940U2W) driver

Looking for Adaptec AIC-7890 (aka AHA-2940U2W) driver

Post by Scott Palm » Wed, 20 May 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know where I might find a Linux driver for the Adaptec AIC-7890
SCSI chipset?  It is the same SCSI chipset as on the AHA-2940U2W card.

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1. Adaptec AHA-2940U2W (AIC-7890)

    I have Slackware 3.5, and I typically would boot from the CD and proceed
to install (on my old scsi card (which is now dead)).  However w/ my new
2940u2w, this is not the case.  On boot off CD, the scsi card is not even
seen, linux does not recognize it.  I set out on a search for a new slack
boot/root disk image, and was unsuccessful (if you know where I can get one,
please tell me) but i did stubble across ftp.dialnet.net/pub/linux/aic7xxxx
..and here i found kernel patchs and boot disks for the u2w card! alas...
only redhat and suse boot disks though :(.. I went a head and gave them a
shot, hoping i could boot the image, then dump out to a prompt and mount the
cd. and proceed, but i was not able to do this.  So, if anyone out there has
the solution for me, or atleast some helping hints please let me know.


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