Unknown Ethernet card

Unknown Ethernet card

Post by Alexis » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I recently acquired (for a *very* cheap price) two ethernet cards,

"Netvin Fast Ethernet Adapter"
The driver disk under NT4.0 (cards work fine there) identifies the cards
as "FE100AM PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter"

The chipset is an ASIX88140.

I couldn't get Linux to recognise the card. Not very surprised, really.
Can somebody tell me what's the best procedure to follow when obscure
hardware (such as the above) is to be used in Linux?

I tried compiling the kernel with all PCI adapters available, but
nothing happened.

Thanks for your help.

Alexis M
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I just took an ethernet card from an OLD (I mean OLD) 386 compatible.  I
have no documentation and no idea who made the card.  The model number
is wd8003e (Western Digital?) and the network address is 0000c0 536319.
Can anyone use this information and tell me what kind of card it is
and/or where I can get drivers for it?

Thanks in advance!


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