Chhosing between two video cards

Chhosing between two video cards

Post by Yann Barrau » Sat, 16 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I own a Nec PC in which is included an Intel AN430TX main board. Ths
board includes an ATI video card, but
this is not the one I use. I put another one in a PCI slot, and my
screen is
plugged on this one. I want to know how to
configure my X server for my screen to be detected.
Until this moment, I've tried with xf86config or Xconfigurator (I use
Redhat 5.1), and this two tools have detected
the video card that is integrated on my main board.
But I've noticied that SuperProbe detects the second card (the one I
Is there a way to force xf86config or
Xconfigurator to detect my video card?? (I'm fed up with the message
Server error: No screen detected", due to
the detecting of the wrong video card).
My screen is a Nec MultiSync A700.

If you have a solution please mail me back at

Thanks a lot.
Yann Barraud


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