Lexmark 1000 Inkjet Printer

Lexmark 1000 Inkjet Printer

Post by Keven R. Pittsing » Fri, 20 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Anybody know how to make a Lexmark 1000 work with Red Hat 4.1?




1. Printer Lexmark 1000 in Linux ?

I'm just starting with Linux from Mandrake v 53-2 distrubitor.
I Had trouble setting my Printer Lexmark 1000 in msdos (promt) in win95,

in fact i couldn't set it up.

But in Linux i Would really like to make it work . I try hp 500 setting
in linux
but my printer started to act creasy.I can't use to much driver i think
cause of
the Lexmark one cadrige printer(one cadrige at the time color or black)

Any one could help would be apprreciated.

Thanks in advance

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