How can I get my external Sony CDROM 55e to work under Linux 1.2.4?

How can I get my external Sony CDROM 55e to work under Linux 1.2.4?

Post by Timothy Fredri » Thu, 13 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I had this drive working at one point, so I know it's possible -- but I
stupidly forgot to write down what I did :-)

Anyway, I have a PC/486 with an EIDE controller capable of supporting 4
drives.  I also have an external IDE CDROM on it's own controller card
(a Sony CDROM Model 55e).  When I had it working before, I could address
it as "/dev/hdc".

In the /usr/src/linux-2.1.4 source tree, I entered "make config" and
answered yes to the questions about new style IDE support, ATAPI CDROM
support, and ISO9660 support.  I build the kernel and install it, and
then go to try to mount a CDROM and Linux reports that ISO9660 is not

Is this really what this message means?  What have I done wrong?  For
other Sony 55e users out there, what steps did you have to go through to
get the drive to work?

I am not running DOS and I don't care about the ability to do anything
other than read UNIX ISO9660 format CDROMs.

Thanks in advance!

  NCAR/ACD UNIX Systems Administration


1. anyone got sony cdrom 55E to work yet?

Hi Folks:

        Yes, I surprise myself too! It seems like I might be the only one who
has Sony Cdrom 55E from Sun Moon Star.  This is a technology that has
both Cdrom controller and sound card in one.  Maybe that's where the
difficulty is.  I can't seem to find a kernel that would recognize my
CDROM drive....any suggestions?

thanks in advance
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