HP laserjet 1000 - Blank pages

HP laserjet 1000 - Blank pages

Post by anto » Sat, 05 Jul 2003 08:20:44

When i try to print on my HP LaserJet 1000, it just starts feeding out blank

Mandrake 9.1
latest version off sihp1000.img
cups 1.1-104.1
foomatic 3.0.0.beta2


1. HP LaserJet 5L Printer Prints Blank Pages

Would very-much appreciate any "straight-up" advice, from any
benevolent/generous Linux users, that might bring my subject-printer to
Cannot get my HP LaserJet 5L b/w printer locally configured properly.
"Goes through the motions", but output pages are completely blank; no
printed chars. whatsoever.
I am a Linux newbie, with SuSE Linux 6.3 installed on my pc (has an AMD
K6-2 450MHz with 32MB PC100 SDRAM and a 4.3GB UDMA ATA/33 hard drive).
I've attempted configurations via YaST, and apsfilter. I've setup as a
device at /dev/lp0 and /dev/lp1 (... separately; not both active
configs., at same time). Printer drivers attempted thusfar, as a
'Postcript'-type printer, include ljet4; as an 'Other'-type printer,
include (? spelling not necessarily correct on my part. Sorry!):
ljet5gray, ljet5mono, ljet4mono, ljet4gray, pxlmono, pxlgray,
ljet4Lgray, ljet4Lmono, lj4dith.
However, upon command 'tunelp /dev/lp0' (altern. 'tunelp /dev/lp1'), I
get the following stdout: "/dev/lp0 [sic. /dev/lp1] using IRQ -1."
When I attempt to data-print directly to my HP LaserJet 5L, via command
'cat /var/log/boot.msg > /dev/lp0 [sic. cat /var/log/boot.msg >
/dev/lp1]", my HP LaserJet 5L does process, ...but again, all output
pages are blank pages. What am I doing wrong?

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