PCMCIA Via SCSI desktop slots and Linux 2.2.15 +

PCMCIA Via SCSI desktop slots and Linux 2.2.15 +

Post by Joshua K » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00

    I was wondering if any of the PCMCIA via SCSI desktop drives work with
Linux.  I am describing either an internal or external case with usually 2
PCMCIA card slots in it.  Instead of using a homemade ISA adapter to run
them they hook to the SCSI bus and operate on SCSI ID's  The maker of one I
am looking at claims win95, NT, HP-UX, Irix 5.3, sun Solaris and SCO work
with their device but the Linux PCMCIA HOWTO only says "unlike SCSI to
PCMCIA slots" It does not say if they are supported or even will be
supported.  I have no more IRQ's left and would like to use this PCMCIA
adapter with Linux on the SCSI bus but I can't tell if they are supported I
am assuming no but any info you could give would helpful.

Thanks, Joshua


1. Feedback on 2.2.15 (wasRe: Kernel Stable: 2.2.15pre4 )

I've been trying the 2.2.15 prereleases, and so far they seem great.
2.2.15 pre 4 (subjectively speaking) made my system much zippier
than 2.2.13/4 and 2.2.15 pre 5 which I built last night, feels
faster still (and apparently has some rather neat debug code to
trap bad application memory use/kernel bugs).

So overall I'm very pleased. Many thanks to Alan and the guys who've
been working on the VM stuff. It feels great for me.

BTW I'm running this on Mandrake 6.1, Cyrix 6x86 MX 300, 64MB RAM.

Like I say, 2.2.15 feels like it's shaping up to be the best 2.2 kernel
yet by a significant margin (to me at least!)

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