DAT/ZIP Linux Backup Solutions

DAT/ZIP Linux Backup Solutions

Post by rowa » Thu, 13 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Anyone at present managed to connect external Zip or DAT drive
to a PC running Linux with no SCSI cards ? Would like to be able to
a DAT or Zip to the parallel port, but none of the retailers seem to
have a
clue about Linux compatibility, such is their fixation with windows.
know there is a 250Mb Iomega Zip drive on sale at present for connection

to the parallel port,  but a search of their web site finds no mention
of Linux
drivers.  Not surprising.  Nice to hear if anyone has managed to do
a Zip or DAT on the parallel port in the past.

Many thanks

David Rowan


1. Re-writeable CD or Zip Drive as backup solution under linux

I need a backup solution for my Linux system and was considering either
the Iomega 1G SCSI zip drive or some form of re-writeable CD. My
question is, are rewriteable CD's supported under linux and if
so, which ones or would it be more reliable to use the zip drive. THanks
in advance.



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