cinergy T XS USB card

cinergy T XS USB card

Post by bern » Mon, 08 May 2006 21:55:22


recently i was happy to read that the above card is now listed under
the supported devices on the v4l page.

So i downloaded the v4l source-tree, recompiled, and did a modprobe

The usb card was recognized.

But unfortunatly there were no devices /dev/dvb/... created.
A dmesg gave a warning (at least i think it only was
a warning about missing card specifications).
The message came from the tuner.c program. I looked into the
sources and i didnt found any specific test that led to this output.
As the modprobe was all in all succesfull and in the end the driver
was "succesfulley registered" i didnt mind that warning.

The make install from the v4l sources also complained
about some missing files, but seem to do the job.

So i am unsure of the status of the driver. Or did i have
to patch the kernel with the v4l sources, even if the
home page of the project  told me to compile the sources
apart from the kernel (i just fetched
the sources with hg clone ....)

If anyone overcame this problem or has any idea, please let me know.



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after following the installation instructions
on the wike page i get an error that scan
isnt able to find any channels (it says tuning failed).
I found a similar problem on the v4l/em28xx chat page but
this issue was unresolved there.

With an older relaese of the v4l software
i experienced the following:

em28xx and em2800-dvb modules were successfully loaded but
scan warned that it founds no channels.

Anyone knows a solution?


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