SuSE 8.2 and Linpoch

SuSE 8.2 and Linpoch

Post by Mika » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 15:05:00

I have installed Linpoch software and all nesessary software, but I don't
understand following:

Installing the system tray app:
To compile LinPoch from source you'll need ant. This ant scipt also
automates building a rpm, but you'll have to adjust the parameters of the
ant script (KDEHOME, RPMBUILDDIR, etc). The ant script can't do an install,
maybe in a later release. To build a rpm run:
$ ant rpm
I've also released a binaray version of LinPoch called
linpoch-0.1.0-1.bin.tar.gz, which contains all the files you need. You can
unpack it in KDEDIR, but you'll have to adjust the ery simple bash script
$KDEDIR/bin/linpoch to match your system. The bin.tar.gz package doesn't
contain any architecture (Intel, SuSE) specific binaries, there
cross-platform (Java).

Installing the konqueror plugin:
Make sure you've set the KDEDIR environment variable
Then do the usual:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ su
# make install

Where is KDEDIR??



1. Suse 8.2 and wireless pcmcia notebook networking

I recently purchased a no-name notebook computer (from on which I installed (via ftp download off the web)
Suse 8.2. I took my notebook on a business trip with me, and in the
hotel where I stayed, I could rent a  pcmcia card that allowed me to
connect to the internet through their wireless network. When I got home
I decided to go wireless there as well. I got myself a router (SMC
7004VWBR Barricade) which now interposes itself between my DSL modem and
my 2-computer (workstation + notebook) Linux home network. The wired
(LAN) part works, but unlike the easy experience at the hotel, I'm
having all manner of difficulty getting the wireless part to work. For a
COMPUSA pcmcia card (since returned), Suse 8.2 gave the blunt message:
hardware not supported. Then I tried an SMC card, no luck. Then I tried
a Linksys WPC11 v. 4 card (still have it). YAST recognizes the card and
lets me "configure" it, it gets "hotplugged" on boot-up, but the "link"
light refuses resolutely to come on. No connection. So I emailed the
hotel where I stayed to ask them what card it was that they rented me
that Suse recognized, hotplugged, and connected right away. They replied
saying it was a Compex iWaveport WL11A+ Enhance 11Mbps 802.11b wireless
pcmcia card. I've ordered it, and it should arrive on Monday or Tuesday
next week. If I'm lucky, that should be the end of what turned into a
saga, two days and counting. I didn't realize how lucky I was to stay at
a hotel which, purely by chance it would seem, happened to offer for
rent a wireless card that worked perfectly the first time with my Linux
notebook. If things could always be so easy!


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