HELP! Linux 1.2.0 won't recognize my HDD

HELP! Linux 1.2.0 won't recognize my HDD

Post by Ari Rosentha » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 04:31:15

Hello fellow Linux users:
        I have been running 1.1.19+ncr patches for several months now, and
have decided that I'd like to upgrade.  So, I got a CLEAN source tree to
1.2.0, and I've got a little problem.
        My system is a PCI based system, with an ASUS SC-200 (NCR 53c810)
SCSI - II controller card.  I have the NCR SDMS BIOS ver 3.04.00 on my
Motherboard.  My HDD is a Quantum LPS540S SCSI - II drive.  
        Under 1.1.19+ncr, the system runs nicely.  But, I want to upgrade
(for a whole bunch of reasons...).
        When I compile 1.2.0, I get a lot of warning messages in the
NCR53c7,8xx.c file. The kernel, however, seems to work.  It just doesn't
recognize my drive.
        When it boots, the last few lines it prints are:

scsi-ncr53c7,8xx: at PCI bus 0, device 9, function 0
scsi-ncr53c7,8xx: NCR 53c810 at memory 0xfc400000, io 0xd000, irq 10
scsi0: using io mapped access
scsi0: using initiator ID 7
scsi0: using level active interrupts
scsi0; burst length 8
scsi0: using 40MHz SCSI clock
scsi0: m_to_n = 0x90, n_to_m = 0xa0, n_to_n = 0xb0
scsi0: SCSI code relocated to 0x1bb73c
scsi0: testing
scsi0: test 1 started
scsi0: tests completed
scsi0: NCR53c{7,8}xx (rel 3)
scsi: 1 host

And then it dies on me....
It gives the same boot up sequence in 1.1.19, but it detects the disk...

If anybody has either experienced the same symptoms, or preferablely
knows how to get the controller to find the Drive, please let me know.

Please e-mail me all responses, as the newsgroup takes a bit of time to

Thanks in advance,
Ari Rosenthal


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