Quantum drives

Quantum drives

Post by Bruce Adelsma » Sun, 19 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I'm looking at getting either a 2G or 4G Quantum drive.  

Any opinions on the newer Capella line of drives?  They seem to be
priced pretty low, is their performance really poor?

How about the Atlas series?  I've heard most 7200rpm drives are
quite noisy.  How do the Atlas drives, particularly the new Atlas II
drives compare?

All opinions welcomed!  Thanks.

Bruce Adelsman            Rochester, MN USA



1. AHA-1542CP and Quantum drive (1.3.90 kernel)

I'm having trouble installing an Adaptec AHA-1542CP SCSI card and a
Quantum Atlus XP32150 drive into my Linux box.

I'm running 1.3.90 on a 486DX-100 PCI machine with two IDE drives
(Linux installed on these) and a DE-220 network card.

I changed the default base address of the Adaptec card to 0x230
(conflict with using 0x330) and changed the aha1542.c file
accordingly.  The Adaptec BIOS is enabled.

The Adaptec card utility (Ctrl-A on boot) finds the drive and can do a
media verify without errors.

The problem appears to be that the aha1542 driver times out sending
anything to the drive.  The drive is detected on boot (well, it says
there is a SCSI device, but no identification string is displayed
(should it be?).  I've tried the SCSI stuff as modules and compiled
into the kernel.

I've checked SCSI IDs (0 for the drive and 7 for the card), and
termination (drive is terminated, card set to automatic).

Does anyone have any ideas why this isn't working?

Thanks in advance

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