LILO: Linux-IDE#1, DOS-IDE#2 = probs

LILO: Linux-IDE#1, DOS-IDE#2 = probs

Post by Rob Lockha » Sun, 09 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Hello, all.  I have installed Slackware (1.2.3 kernel).  No problems
in Linux (hda, 540M) or DOS (hdb, 340), except for one thing.  Reading
through the LILO docs (very limited) and all EIDE docs, I noticed that in
order to boot DOS off of the 2nd hard drive, the computer has to think that
0x80 is actually 0x81 and vice versa (so that DOS boots off what it thinks
is the first hard drive).  Everything works okay, except that I have an
EIDE controller card.  When I try and include in the WBIDE device driver in
config.sys, this driver (I believe) seeks out which drive is which, and
resets the drive numbers to what Linux sees them as.  This means that
immediately after this is loaded, the dos drive suddenly becomes the
Linux drive - nothing else can be loaded off of the DOS drive now unless
I reset the computer.  If I don't include the WBIDE driver, DOS + Windows
works fine, except now I can't use the 32-bit driver, and quite possibly
any EIDE CD-ROM that I will get in the future.   It has worked before as
DOS drive as hda (340M) and Linux as hdb (540) but that would mean having
the non-EIDE drive as the master (PIO-1 only) and the EIDE drive (PIO-3)
as the slave - and I've heard that having a better drive as slave will only
make the xfer rate as fast as the master drive (??).  

Q:  What other LILO parameters can I pass?  Right now for DOS I must use
    /boot/any_d.b.  That is the only thing that seems to work...
    What else could I do?  

    Rob Lockhart


1. Newbie question, how to use E-IDE with Dos and Linux from LILO?

Please Help. I just started using linux today, with my new motherboard and an ex
tra hard-drive.  I have been running DOS for years, and it's worked great. Howev
er, now I can't seem to get Dos or Linux to recognize/find my third hard drive,
when booting from lilo (though if I boot dos from a floppy it works fine).  As f
ar as linux is concerned I expect I just need to make new entries for /dev/hdc1
etc..., as it seems to find them during the partition check, though fdisk can't
seem to see the third drive for some reason; but why can't DOS seem to get to th
e third hard-disk, when I boot it from lilo?

I have tried to read all the relevant FAQ's and newsgroups in search for an
answer to this question, however, it seems that there isn't much known about
the new EIDE support in the >1.2.0 kernel.  I can't seem to get lilo, to
recognize the existance of the 3rd (in my case, but I assume this would be true
of a 4th also) drive from my (on-motherboard) EIDE controller.  I'm trying to
use linux and dos on an AMD486DX2-80 w/ PCI and an onboard EIDE controller, I
just installed the 1.2.1 kernel and re-lilo'ed to see if this would solve the
problem as I expect it should, but does not.

Any help, or pointers to the relevant FAQs/HOWTOs would be MOST appreciated!!
Please respond via e-mail, thank you.
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 /\               Watcher of Anime.  Addictor to Muds. Member of OAA at CU!
<    E  A  N  O  R       JaDuN Comes.
 \/               Yuri, Miyu, Nene, Ranma-chan, Ryoko, B-ko!

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