HP DeskJet 850C program or spec.

HP DeskJet 850C program or spec.

Post by Kjell Holmgr » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to get a HP DeskJet 850 to work in my UNIX network, although HP
doesn't want it to be done.

We have a small network with a linux computer as file and printer sharing unit.
All around that there is PC with windows or dos, so what I've done is to install the HP routines for each PC and then route it to the net.
This works fine, but if I have to change the ink in the printer I have to adjust the alignment of the printer. From windows there is a program that controls this, but when I have it attached to the linux machine the dos machine can't get any respons from the printer.

So what I want is a linux program that can control the printer, or a dos/windows program that doesn't care about responses from the printer but just send a
request to print the align page and then can send the calibrating values.

If such a program exist where can I find it ?

If not where can I find a specification on the 850 so I can write my own.

Kjell Holmgren
ViaNet AB


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We are planning to buy a HP DJ-850C and are there any driver avaiable or
in the making ? Please let me know. Will this driver use the full capabilities
of this printer or are there some disadvantages ?


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