S3 911/924 driver

S3 911/924 driver

Post by Christian Labadi » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Where could i find a S3 driver for linux?



S3 911/924 driver

Post by Gereon Ste » Thu, 04 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>Where could i find a S3 driver for linux?

'scuse me? Just about ALL linux distibutions come with the S3 accelerated X
server included. Since I've been using both 911 and 924 adaptors, I can say
it works just fine for both.

You NEED, however, take a look at the on-board RAMDAC in order to tell
xf86config what's going on (SOME RAMDACs are autodetected, but I had one
case where it wasn't, and it was good I wrote the ID down before I closed
the cabinet... quite some work to get it unwired again :-)



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1. Is S3-924 better than S3-911?

Hi. Maybe this is not a good question to post here, but at your mercy,
Here goes it.
I'm about to buy a S3-86C924 board (used, ISA) for my Linux box (486
EISA - alas, I wish I could buy a new EISA board..).
I have another Linux box in my lab with a S3-911 (Orchid Fahrenheit)
and we are very happy with it. My question is, how S3-924 compares to
S3-911, or in general, to others in S3 family (if any)?
Thanks for your time,


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