IDE Phenomena: SCSI problem on IDE misconfiguration

IDE Phenomena: SCSI problem on IDE misconfiguration

Post by Marc A. Volov » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00


        A peculiar problem occured while trying to use Linux with
a _INCORRECTLY CONNECTED_ IDE drive which should NOT have even been


        Micronics P54-Hi
        Adaptec AHA1542CF
        Conner CFP1080S
        Quantum LPS-540S
        IBM WD-80L
        Conner CP-4030
        WangDAT 3200
        Pioneer DRM-600
        NE2000 clone

        Kernel 1.3.25 _NO IDE_

I connected a 40MB IDE to the _secondary_ IDE interface WITHOUT
enabling the IDE secondary in BIOS (primary was enabled). Linux
promply booted correctky but informed me in the kernel messages that:

        hdc:hdc ignoring SCSI command (etc - I can find the exact wording
                                        in my /var/adm/messages if needed).

and then the machine booted normally and worked...

Connecting the IDE drive to the _primary_ IDE interface fixed this error.