Cant recognize 2nd SCSI Hard DRIVE

Cant recognize 2nd SCSI Hard DRIVE

Post by Russ Brewe » Mon, 15 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I am adding a 2nd SCSI hard drive to my system.  First drive works
fine.  It is a
1 gig Conner. It has been running well for a long time using an Adaptec

The 2nd drive is a quantum 850 meg. When installed, the 2nd drive is
recognized by the bios.  This is good! Using "Ctrl a" during boot to
reach the SCSI diagnostics
works fine and the second drive formats without problem. Media
verification worked too.  This drive, while used, is known to be

The SCSI card is an Adaptec AHA 1542CF and has been running the first
drive without problem for a long time.

The problem is that the second drive is interfering with the first
drive, in that the system recognizes the existance of both but will not
let the first drive boot.

If the second drive is disconnected the first drive boots fine.

When installed by itself, the first drive always boots fine.

First Drive: SCSI ID 0
Second Drive: SCSI ID 2
Adaptec 1542: SCSI ID 7

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Russ Brewer