Having problem with dual AHA-2940 on P2B-F

Having problem with dual AHA-2940 on P2B-F

Post by Bernard Burett » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I'm looking for help, i'm using two Adaptec AHA-2940 on a ASUS P2B-F
motherboard. On both the AHA-2940, the BIOSes are enabled (for DOS) and
both boards are connected to one hard drive.

AHA-2940 BIOS - installing hard drive 0x80 - and then the BIOS on the


But when linux load - and when aic7xxx.o is insmod'ed - it scans the
SCSI controlers **in the reverse order** so my 0x80 (first) drive ends
up as /dev/sdb (second) while the drive attached to my second AHA-2940
(second drive) is named /dev/sda (first). I cannot install LILO properly
: it gets nstalled on the second drive, not the boot drive, and corrupts
the FAT boot record.

Can some help me sort out this mess :
- is there a way to reverse aic7xxx.o scanning of PIC bus?
- is there a way to 'force load' aic7xxx.o with a specific PCI
  slot number?
- is there another way of making this work?

Thank's in advance if you can help.


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ok...ME = Pentium 74, 8 meg EDO ram
                      AHA-2940 scsi 2 PCI controller
                      Fujitsu 1gig scsi2 hard drive
                      Toshiba 6.7x scsi2 cdrom

When I am moving or coping data from the CD to the Hard drive or.
/dev/sda1 to /dev/sda6, I loose some bits along the way
(i.e. corupted files).  I had a heck of a time getting enough good
files together to recomplile my kernel.  I stored my XF86 on
the dos partition where I downloaded it to, and copied it to the
linux partition to unzip and tar.....I ended up coping files several
times to get all the files to would unzip without crc errors!

If you're haveing this prob, or if you know what I should do....
let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

Mark Arneson

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