Canon bjc-2000 and Star Office

Canon bjc-2000 and Star Office

Post by Robert_ » Thu, 05 Jul 2001 16:29:01


Has anyone had success with the Canon bjc-2000 and printing in Star
office 5.2 ?  I can print OK but no matter how much I tune the
adjustments I can not get the pages centred.  It prints fine from other
apps.  I tried using letter size in page properties and printer setup
as well as A4.  A4 works best though I'm using 8.5 x 11 paper, but this
one is off centre.  Margins have been setup correctly, in the editor it
is centred  and print preview is good.  Using letter size (8.5 x 11)
Its starts printing 2 inches from the top though I have set it up for
.66" .  
I am using cups,  and the Mandrake control centre lists it as
GhostScript+bjc-600 driver, which is how it was setup on installation.
Cups though  id's it as foomatic+bjc600
KDE's Kups doesn't even list a driver for this printer even after
selecting it from the dialogue box.
Star office printer setup lists : generic Printerin Default que (lpr)
and there is no driver for canon listed.

BTW do these printers have a hardware memory?- when I remove items in
the print que with "lprm", check it is not there with "lpq",   the page
still trys to print next time I go to use the printer.  Is there a way
to clear it entirely besides using top and then killing the
uncooperative printer process?
using lpq also makes the printer unresponsive for the next print job
without pressing the button on top of the printer.

anyone else with bjc experiences ?
all the best,

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 I know the BJC-600 works under Linux for a BJC-2000. Under WordPerfect
however I am having difficulties. Anyone been sucessful or have clues for a
similiar driver?


 Jim helix

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