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We would like to do real-time image processing on Linux PC
with a iLink (IEEE1394) card (we have not chosen yet).

The images will come from a standard DV numerical camescope.
A IEEE1394 driver exists (raw1394) but only the IEEE1394
protocol is implemented, not the DV decompression nor the image
transfer to display.

Thanks  for any help



1. Reading and unbundling DV on interface IEEE1394

I wish starting from sequence of video images, capacity to carry out various algorithms of image processings. From a card IEEE1394 (ADAPTEC AHA-8920) and of a video recorder DV (SONY), I will want to be able to make the following processing:

- to read a sequence of images, i.e. to unbundle data DV and to display the image on the screen.

- to read a particular image in a sequence.

- to write an image or a sequence of images on the video recorder

For that I downloaded the driver for the IEEE1394 card, but I don't know how to make the processing necessary. I seek information on softwares which would carry out the unbundling and the display of the image. Or information on the algorithms which can exist on the unbundling of sequences DV.

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