Genius-Netmouse with Linux ???

Genius-Netmouse with Linux ???

Post by Soeren Guenth » Thu, 06 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I've just installed Suse-Linux 5.0 on my new computer. But now I've trouble with my Genius-Netmouse. It doesn't run with any of the protocols. With the Microsoft-protocol (Genius told me that should work) the mouse behaves quite 'nuts' as if the buttons are pressed all over the time. Suse couldn't help me either but I don't want to buy a new mouse. So who can help ???????


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I am using Redhat 6.0 and Xfree86 with Gnome.
I do have a problem with my mouse, Genius Netmouse Pro.
I have configured it as a busmouse and  PS/2 in xf86config. In both cases my
mousepointer stays at top of the screen. No matter how I move my mouse over
the pad.
Who can help me to resolve this problem?

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