Adaptec 39320 with Ultra 160 Discs

Adaptec 39320 with Ultra 160 Discs

Post by Donald Ne » Thu, 29 May 2003 06:03:09

Has anyone managed to get an Adaptec 39320 (Ultra 320) controller
working with Ultra 160 discs?

We have one running just fine doing RAID mirroring under Red Hat Linux
8 patched to kernel 2.4.20 (Athlon SMP) without even upgrading from
the aic79xx driver Red Hat supply, but that's with Ultra 320 discs
(Seagate ST336753LC).

We've also upgraded an older server to use the same (Microstar
MSD-6501 K7D) motherboard, but with Ultra 160 (Seagate ST336752LC)
discs. That's not so pretty. Under combinations of Red Hat 8 (Athlon
SMP) kernels 2.4.18 and 2.4.20 and aic79xx drivers version 1.0.0 from
Red Hat or 1.3.7 what happens is that everything runs fine for about
three hours on this lightly-loaded box. Then an aborted journal is
reported and the root filesystem is set to read-only. Explicitly
setting the controller to 160 MB/s and non-packetised mode doesn't
make a difference. Going to the Red Hat Linux 9 2.4.20 kernel and
aic79xx driver 1.3.8 doesn't either.

After each failure the server can be rebooted, and will report the
root filesystem in need of checking. After doing that check it will
then be happy to run for another three hours or so.

We welcome constructive suggestions.

Oh, and the one time we tried just putting an Ultra 320 Seagate
ST336753LC into a server running on an Adaptec 7902 in place of a
failed Ultra 160 ST336752LC we got the same symptoms. That's a
production server, though, so no further investigations have been
carried out on that one.

- Donald Neal


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