Winfast S800 Problem!

Winfast S800 Problem!

Post by Alex » Sun, 14 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I am a user of Leadtek Winfast S800,
and using RedHat 5.2, but it does not support my card,
so I can't go into the X-Window, can anyone help me?

1. WINFAST S800 AGP & XWindow Problems

    I'm having problems with the configuration of the Leadtek WINFAST
S800 AGP graphics card and the Xwindow system. I'm not able to find any
driver for Xwindow and I'm not be able to start the Xwindow server,
well, it starts but in 320x200 resolution and the thing look too much
    If someone knows where can I find drivers to my card I'll be very
    So if someone knows wich configuration (Card, Ramdac, Clockset and
Chipset) I must select in order to make it run I'll be very happy too!

Note: I've searched in the Leadtek home page and in a few other pages
without successful.

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