PCI SCSI controller and Linux? Should it work?

PCI SCSI controller and Linux? Should it work?

Post by Paul Ba » Sun, 29 Jan 1995 23:30:49

>In the office I'm working in we just bought 2 new P590's with 1gig SCSI
>DRIVES and 32mb of ram and I've been trying to get Linux up and running
>on them with no luck. The boot disks won't even get past the kernel
>booting. The controller is a PCI SCSI (which type I'm not sure). I
>talked to a guy I work with who said to forget it because the driver
>for a PCI SCSI controller isn't finished for Linux yet.

There are drivers today in the kernel for the NCR 53c810 PCI SCSI boards.

There is also a BETA (or is it ALPHA) driver for the Adaptec 2940 PCI
SCSI boards. I've been using this driver for the last month or two and it
works perfectly without even a single glitch. Unfortunately, it is distributed
as a patch to the kernel and, on newer kernels (+.68), some hand fitting of
the patches is required. I have it running on the 1.1.85 kernel and it works

The problem is that you _have_ to know what kind of SCSI board you have before
you can ask this type of question and expect to get a reasonable answer. Try
getting out the old screwdriver and pop the case on the machine.

Also, if you have the Adaptec, the BIOS POST routine for the board very clearly
identifies it as an Adaptec product when you power the system on.

Paul Bash


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After a not so fun try at getting a 1.7GIG IDE drive to work with my system, I
have decided to stick with what I know, SCSI. So what I now need to know is
which PCI controller to buy. I know that the Adaptec 2940 won't work. What
about the Buslogic bt946c? The NCR 53c810? Are either of them good

Will I be able to boot off of a SCSI disk using either of them (or some other
controller if they are not compatible).

Any suggestions? Thanks for you time.

Karl Hakimian

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