PS2 MCA -> FD MCS-350 SCSI :: Compatible with other FD cards?

PS2 MCA -> FD MCS-350 SCSI :: Compatible with other FD cards?

Post by John S Gwyn » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

   I'm tying to turn an old PS2 Model 70 "boat anchor" into something

I've read the www page

and have successfully solved all but one of my problems (I
think :). The www page lists "Future Domain" as a supported
card in that the regular kernel will support it (them?).
The Future Domain card I have (MCS-350) has the signature
"FUTURE DOMAIN CORP. (C) 1987-1989 V1.0E2/22/89" which
is not in seagate.c nor fdomain.c. Does anyone
know if this card is compatible with anything else or know of
a driver that can be used? Anyone know anything about this card?

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Has anyone got Linux working with the FD 850MEX SCSI card that is supplied with the Toshiba 3401B CD-ROM.  It's an 8-bit ISA card with TMC950 chipset.  I got no doc's with it, but it works under DOS.  Linux never even sees it, although I compiled everything SCSI under the sun into the kernel.

My kernel code is a bit of a mix now, because someone else set it all up.  Its around pl14 (I think).  Rest of machine is DX2-66, 8meg RAM, IDE HDs, with Cirrus graphics card in one of the VLB slots.
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