Will Diamond "Video 64" PCI Card w s3 chip set Work?

Will Diamond "Video 64" PCI Card w s3 chip set Work?

Post by Hurf Sheldo » Mon, 30 Oct 1995 03:00:00

            We have a Micron system that came with a Diamond
            Video 2000 PCI card which is apparently an ARK
            chipset that Diamond is unable to publish specs
            on. Micron has offered to trades us up to a
            Diamond Video 64 PCI card with an S3 type chip set.
            Will that card work with X? If not, what would
            you recommend for a card to support X in a 100mhz/PCI
            Micron system?



Will Diamond "Video 64" PCI Card w s3 chip set Work?

Post by Anthony Becke » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I would suggest the Vram model.  I could not get the Dram version to work

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1. Pls help identify Diamond "Stealth 64 Video" card

Yo enlightened ones!

Here's my sad tale ..

Circa August, 1995, I bought a Diamond video card. I've had a very
difficult time trying to get it configured for use with XFree86.
I'm aware that Diamond has released many variations of cards
under the same name & also the same card under different names.
I'm hoping that someone can help me generate the proper XConfig
settings. I've used XF86Setup, XF86Config, read the READMEs and
HOW_TO's and have tried everything I can think of.

The box & documentation labels it as:

Stealth 64 Video 2MB VRAM (PCI)

The book is Copyrighted 1995 & is labeled "Version 100" on the back
(the card is described below). Note that the physical layout of the
card does NOT match the picture in the book, but I figured that was
typical "one manual fits all" stuff.

Anyway, the card:

The board is identified in the upper left corner as:

STEALTH SE PCI          (!)
C 1995 USA Rev. B1

A paper sticker covers the "SE PCI" part and reads:

On the left edge of the board is:

The RAMDAC in the middle of the board is labelled:
  S3    Trio32          (I believe the 64 Video is supposed to have
        IAAB2            the S3-968 RAMDAC and the SE has the Trio32??)
  9513 03003

A chip in the lower left corner is stamped:

On top of this chip is a blue paper label:
Stealth 64 Video VRAM
C1995 Diamond  V1.01

There is a vertical row of eight (VRAM?) chips toward the right edge,

At the extreme right edge are two (???) chips:
SEC      Korea

There is a "Feature Connector", but no obvious daughterboard connecter.

So my questions are:
Is this really a 64 Video VRAM / 64 Video 3200 / 64 Video 3240 ??
Is it really a Video SE??
Any hints on getting it configured?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.


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