Sound Blaster 16 CD-ROM not found ....

Sound Blaster 16 CD-ROM not found ....

Post by Thomas Mathew Mukunnemker » Thu, 04 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Just as someone mentioned, make sure your CDROM is setup as a master
drive.  You can find documentation on this in the SB16 manual.  The
jumpers to change are located in the rear of the CDROM drive.  You
just have to switch the jumper from SLAVE to MASTER.

I don't know if Linux can read a Teritary ide port, or a Quartiary
for that matter, but I just configured my sound card to be a secondary
ide port.  YOu just need to change two jumpers, also listed in the
SB16 manual.  Basically, you will be setting the interrupt to IRQ15.

Also, the IDE/ATAPI is the right driver to use in Linux.


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Sound Blaster 16 CD-ROM not found ....

Post by Bria » Fri, 05 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I am having problems with a SB16 setup and saw you posted a message on
solutions.  I have the SB16, one of the newer ones that ships with a default
base io address of 1E8, and I get no sound and no cd rom to work.

I had a SB PRO in this machine with the same panasonic cdrom drive, irq 5, 220
for sound, 230 for cdrom, dma low 1, dma hi 5, and midi at 330.

From what I understand doesn't the SB16 setup EXACTLY the same just change the
CDROM_BASE (in sbpcd.h) to 0x1e8?  i went throught the make config options and
told it the same as the SBPRO settings, but no sound, and no cdrom.  You spoke
of jumpers to change from tertiery to secondary ide interface etc, do you need
to change these for the SB16 to work?  The drive I am using is a panasonic that
has always worked fine with a SBpro.

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1. Sound Blaster 16 CD-ROM not found ...

Probably I shouldn't have, but I did it. I wanted to see what that Linux
looked like and installed it (slackware 3.0) in a Linux native partition
of my PC. Problem is, it does not want to see my CD-ROM.

The (4X) CD-ROM is part of the Sound Blaster 16 multimedia kit (IDE
ATAPI) from Creative Labs; the controller is the Plug and Play ISA
Creative Sound Blaster 16 card. My 486 DX2 already have another IDE
controller with 2 disks connected on it.

I've read several times the documentation available. I've tried using
sbpcd, idecd, cdu31a, (from the Q series) etc. without any result. I made
the configuration program scan for it, without any result.

Do not even know what CD-ROM it is. All I know is what DOS tells me when
I boot:

Sound Blaster card (Plug and Play):
     A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6

CD-ROM driver:
     Oak Technology Inc OTI-011 CD-ROM device driver
     Driver name: MSCD001
     Transfert rate: Programmed I/O
     Nbr of drives: 2
     Drive 0: Port 1E8 IRQ 11 CR-581 1.05
     Drive 1: Port 1E8 IRQ 11 CR-581 1.05

Is there anything to do with the Sound/controller card before the CD-ROM
can be recognized ? Is there any kernel, driver or patch to be downloaded
from anywhere ? Is there anything I missed in the documentation or
elsewhere ? Should (if possible) the CD-ROM be configured as 'master' or
'slave' (there is no other device on that card) ? Don't like giving up,
but that stuff cost me already too much time. Any help is welcome.


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