Trouble with SCSI driver

Trouble with SCSI driver

Post by Scott McNei » Thu, 20 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I've just purchased a DECpc XL 556 with an Adaptek 7870 controller
and SCSI 1GB HD.  When I try and boot linux from the floppy
(initial install) I get the standard SCSI=0 error. Variations to
the "ramdisk"command have been futile.

Has any one had success with getting linux to recognize this or
similar controllers/ HD's? Does anyone have a driver?!!

Opinions don't necessarily have to be humble...

Thanks in advance,

Scott McNeil


1. Trouble, trouble, trouble - SCSI ?

Hello Group,

After spending a day on installing an Oracle database to 7025 F80 i was hit
by a rock.

Suddenly I got SCSI sync error and the machine was dead.

The leds on the tape drive was all flashing.

No commands were available - I was out of disks. No telnet nor nothing
working except dumb ping.

So I pressed reset. All the tests are fine after reboot - but how am I
supposed to run a db on it ?

Can I trust this machine any more ? What nightmare was it ?

I read log report and got a message to check SCSI cable or SCSI device. Buth
how on earth can a SCSI work fine for hours and then crash without warning ?

Any comments ?


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