Intel Premiere/Lilo problem

Intel Premiere/Lilo problem

Post by Kristian Thommese » Sun, 26 Apr 1998 04:00:00

        Intel Premiere PCI II (Neptune with the nautorious RZ1000)
        P100 w/ 40MB
        Quantum FB3200 TM disk (6232/16/63, LBA:779/128/63)

I use the standard RH5.0 distribution with Lilo 0.19, and the disk i
configured as LBA.

I put these things together, but when I boot it only comes as far as LI.
The problem persists when I compile my own kernel and install that. Also
adding the linear flag makes no difference.

The disk works fine as root partition when I boot with a kernel from

Is there a chance that using standard C/H/S-parameters will eliminate
the problem, and would it be worth the effort to also put the disk on an
old controller to avoid the RZ1000 entirely?

What exactly does the displaying of the first 2 letters "LI" mean with
regards to errortracing?

Kristian Thommesen, science student at the University of Aarhus.


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Hi, Dear friends,

I have an Intel Premiere/PCI Pentinuem 60 Mhz computer with the following
additional configuration:

  1) an Intel PCISCSI adapter (with NCR SDMS v3.0 53C8XX SCSI BIOS PCI
     Rev. 2.0), and
  2) an PCI MGA II video card (made by Matrox).

I would like to run Linux and X Window on the machine. I have two questions.

First, is the PCISCSI adapter supported by Linux? Is there anybody with
experience on the adapter?

Second, I know MGA II is not and probably will not be supported by XFree86.
So I would like to buy a different video accelaration card for my machine.
What is the fastest PCI video accelaration card on the market that is
supported by XFree86? How about ATI Mach64? I know currently there is an
unaccelarated driver for Mach64. Will there be an accelarated driver in the
next release? Any alternative?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please send your response to:

Thank you very much,

- Jin Yang

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