Postscript printing problem

Postscript printing problem

Post by Norbert Goebe » Mon, 04 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I don't know if this is the right group to post this, but hopefully it

Yesterday I bought a new Kyocery FS-800 Laserprinter with
KPDL2=Postscript Level 2 Emulation and tried to get it working with
Linux (Suse 6.0).

My first mistake was only to use a2ps files which I copied directly to
/dev/lp1(causing this to say "Printing" and than never printing anything
(waited for almost an hour for a print of my .bashrc)). Now I found out
that "premade" ps-files which were included in the distribution work
fine (except getting an error message on another sheet of paper telling
me, that the printer got a formfeed timeout, but this is solved easily,
I think) and creating one with gnuplot and printing this worked also
(with the above limitation).

I compared the PS-Fileheaders and the a2ps-files say Adobe-PS 3.0 and
all the others say Adobe-PS 2.0.

I think this could be the problem?
But how do I tell a2ps to print in PS-Level 2.0?

Sorry, I am new to configuring real PS-Printers and am relativly new to
Linux, so if this question is stupid, laugh about it but please help me

Many thanks for your answers,


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I am having problems printing postscript 2 pages per
sheet of paper.

I have tried using mpage and nenscript with the number
of pages per sheet set to 2, and piping that to gs.

My printer is an Epson ActionLaser 1100 (which emulates
a HP LaserJet III).

Here's the problem.  When I print something that comes
out on just one sheet of paper, the characters are
perfect.  However, when I print something that comes
out on multiple sheets of paper, only the last one's
characters are clear, all other pages are (usually)
readable, but very fuzzy.

I am using gs-2.6.1.  Is this the problem?  Or has someone
else run into this on an ActionLaser 1100?

Thanks in advance,
John C. Main
Sr. Software Engineer, EDD Project Leader
Northern Telecom, Inc.

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