HELP - Disk Partition for Linux on laptop!!

HELP - Disk Partition for Linux on laptop!!

Post by R. Troy Pollet » Wed, 27 Oct 1999 04:00:00


I am trying to set up linux from a Slackware cd (V 3.4) on my Toshiba
laptop (Satellite Pro 490 CDT = Pentium, 64 MB RAM).

As a first step, I wanted to create a dual boot for the current WIN 95
OS.  I tried using FIPS to do this by booting from a DOS floppy.  It
appeared to work, but when FIPS finished, it hung with an error about
not being able to access the command file.  When I rebooted from floppy,

the DOS fdisk program showed that there were two partitions of the sizes

I wanted, but the volume label on the original primary DOS partition
contained garbled letters.  I did not think much of this, however, when
I tried to reboot from C: the system cam up with an unbootable disk

As far as I understand, I should be able to boot from the original DOS
partition before I install linux on the second partition - right?

I did not proceed to booting from the slackware cd to install linux
until I could succesfully boot from the newly partitioned c: drive.

Is this a problem with the laptop?

I also noticed that my laptop uses an interrupt 14 for its hard drive
and I seem to remember reading somewhere that FIPS required an interupt
of 13 to work - is this correct?  In this event, how do I create the
partition?  Can I just use fdisk?  The c: drive is 3.8 GB and I was
going to use 800 MB - 900 MB to try out linux.

Thanks for any help.



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I'd first like to thank all of those who have provided me with answers to
my questions posted here. I have been very impressed and grateful for the
depth of knowledge and support I've recieved from this newsgroup as I
investigate taking the "plunge" into Linux.

I am considering installing Linux on my laptop computer. The computer has
a suspend-to-hard disk "sleep mode" in which it stores all of RAM onto the
HD in a partition labelled "non-DOS". I am concerned that once the Linux
partition and swap are placed on the HD, when running DOS and the computer
sleeps, it might choose the wrong "non-DOS" partition and >>WHAMO<< write
all over something bad.

I'd be interested in any suggestions people might have as to how to
maintain this feature but prevent it from writing to the wrong place.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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