How to write in a removable imation (LS 120MB) disk ???

How to write in a removable imation (LS 120MB) disk ???

Post by Vladimir Sinitsy » Fri, 12 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Upgrade your kernel to 2.0.34. It should recognize it as "atapi floppy
drive" and will let you read/write to it freely. You can, however,
choose not to compile the IDE Floppy driver, but to enable SCSI
emulation instead. This will let you use the drive as a SCSI device, and
you'll be able to software-eject it :-).

Vladimir S.

> Hi:

>   I have an imation removable disk LS 120 Mb, but i can't write it
> under Linux, because Linux recognizes it as an atapi cd-rom!. It's true
> that it has an atapi interface, but this is my question!..
> Can i write it?.. so.. how !?

>         Thanks


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